Why Serverless?

Serverless Architecture abstracts away the most common parts of building an application, leaving developers free actually to spend their days coding.

What this means is that developers can single-handedly build apps that handle production-ready traffic. They don’t have to manage scaling for their applications actively. They don't have to provision servers or pay for resources that go unused. They can just get projects off the ground with small, agile teams.

What benefits do we gain from going Serverless?

Zero administration

Design, Write and Deploy your code without provisioning anything beforehand, or managing anything afterward. There is no concept of a fleet, an instance, or even an operating system. Let the cloud provider take over the administration headaches.


Let your cloud provider manages the scaling challenges. No need to fire custom alerts per applications/services or write scripts to scale up and down. Handle quick bursts of traffic and weekend lulls the same way -- with peace of mind.


Function-as-a-service (Faas) compute and managed services charged based on usage rather than pre-provisioned capacity. Idle functions cost nothing. The results? 90% cost-savings over a cloud VM, and the satisfaction of knowing that you never pay for resources you don't use.

Increased velocity

Shorten the loop between having an idea and deploying to production. Because there's less to provision up front and less to manage after deployment, smaller teams can ship more features. It's easier than ever to make your idea live.

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