Cloud Design Patterns

In this series of articles, I will be describing some of the cloud design patterns, their use cases and best practices. We will be incorporating three different types of themes:

  • Availability and Resilience where we discuss how to guarantee application availability and resilience in the cloud using:
    1. Circuit Breaker Pattern
    2. Compensation Transaction Pattern
    3. Throttling Pattern
    4. Retry Pattern
  • Design and Implementations, where we examine the best applications for:
    1. External Config Pattern
    2. Federated Identity Pattern
    3. Gatekeeper Pattern
    4. Valet Key Pattern
  • Data Management and Performance where we how to manage data and deal with performance in the cloud using:
    1. Automatic Scaling Pattern
    2. Sharding Pattern
    3. CQRS Pattern

Please use the comment box to recommend any other pattern or best practice I may have missed.

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